Bmw Z4

BMW Z4 (2018) Review / Fahrbericht / TestWe recently learned that the next-generation “G87” BMW M2 Coupe will continue to drive only its rear wheels. It’s said that.

Who doesn’t like a good roadster? Especially when it sports a Bavarian brand we’re all familiar with and the letter Z. The.

Today’s spot of the day is a bit different. The past few days we had a Acura who do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, a 800 BHP Ferrari.

The Active Autowerke F8X Mid Pipe was specifically designed to eliminate the highly restrictive nature of the OEM F80 M3 and.

I don’t want to hear any whining that the new Supra is really a BMW, well it is sort of, underneath the Supra shares a.

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But it also uses a ton of make-up to separate it from the BMW Z4 on which it’s built. Where the first-of-the-’80s Supras were.

BMW is working on a redesign for its 2-Series coupe—the current one dates back to 2014—and the plan is to stick with.

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The 2020 BMW Z4 sDrive30i M Sport is a two-seater convertible and priced from $104,900 before on-road costs. It sits in the.

However, on track, the BMW Z4 M40i and Audi TT RS duel it out to see which one is fastest. The TT RS uses a 2.5 liter.

Much of this, of course, has to do with the underlying BMW-ness of this car, which rides on a shared platform and is built at.

Whilst all physical motorsport competitions may be cancelled, BMW Motorsport is making sure its drivers remain race ready.

What’s sleek, black and growls like thunder? No, it’s not a black panther – it’s this BMW Z4 GT3 race car, complete with.

The third-generation Z4 continues a long lineage of sporty BMW roadsters, while Toyota has rekindled the Supra name after a.